Heartland TEC Teens Encounter Christ
TEC 197 March 13-15
What is TEC?

Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) is a recognized movement of the Roman Catholic Church, offering to youth and young adults an experience of the Paschal Mystery of Jesus, who by his death and resurrection gave the hope of everlasting life. TEC is a Catholic sponsored program that provides an experience in Christian Living. TEC calls forth one’s goodness for service in the Church and world. TEC is specifically designed for teens who are high school second semester sophomores through age 20.

What happens at TEC?

Heartland TEC takes place from 10:00 AM on Saturday until 5:30 PM on Monday evening. Teens experience a fresh, faith-filled atmosphere away from home, school, and work. Young people meet, reflect, and share how they see themselves, their ideals, and their hopes/dreams while finding God’s presence in their life.

What to bring.

Heartland TEC weekends are conducted by a team of adults and students that may include people from all vocations, who have experienced at least one TEC weekend themselves as a candidate or adult observer. The team meets several times before the weekend begins, to plan the activities and build a sense of community among team members. They have experienced a TEC weekend as a candidate or an adult observer and are eager to share this wonderful experience with anyone able to attend.

What TEC is not.

- It is not a weekend of full of boring speeches.
- It is not just for Catholics.
- It is not an exclusive religious group.
- It is not a "retreat" in the traditional use of the word.
- It is not a substitute for a teen's local parish or church.


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